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International Program and Standards

Advanced STEM studies

Аdmission to top 100 world's universities

Development of Soft Skills

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Education Program

Strong Аcademic Curriculum

Our program offers an intensive curriculum in core subjects, featuring an extended academic block that begins in Grade 1. This includes subjects like Computer Science, Drama, and Choreography.

Entrepreneurship Program

Our innovative entrepreneurship course, designed to foster entrepreneurial thinking and essential life skills in children, is woven into our curriculum as the cornerstone for interdisciplinary learning.

Russian STEM Education

We recognise the significance of STEM subjects and prepare our students for future careers in areas such as coding, robotics and engineering.

High Academic Students’ Results

An independent evaluation has revealed that our students achieve impressive outcomes in key academic areas, with 85% excelling in Russian Language and 81% in Mathematics.

Clubs and extra-curricular activities

A wide range of extracurricular activities, led by an assembly of distinguished experts, including Olympiad victors, acclaimed competition laureates, and esteemed art workshop mentors.

International Modules

The module invites students to engage in an array of global modules hosted across the world. Through this program, students cultivate cultural literacy and foster meaningful connections.

3 Academic Specialisations

Academiс Specialisations that can be chosen in our school considering students’ strengths and admission test results.


The program offers a comprehensive exploration of Mathematics and Computer Science, encompassing modules on Probability Theory and Olympiad-level problem-solving. It also advances students' programming skills to a sophisticated level. This enhancement of the foundational Mathematics curriculum is facilitated through cutting-edge educational methodologies and pedagogical strategies.

Design & Technologies

An in-depth study of Technology Design and Programming, with additional hours dedicated to practical and hands-on learning. During these sessions, students design tangible models using diverse materials such as paper and plasticine. The program also includes a rigorous study of Computer Sciences. Through this multifaceted approach, combining theoretical knowledge with experiential learning, students are equipped with a robust foundation, preparing them for future academic pursuits or careers in the tech industry.


An in-depth study of English with the correspondence to the Common European Framework of Reference of Language (CEFR). The program intensively prepares for Cambridge Exams at all levels up to C1. The teachers are Native Speakers. The curriculum of the program also provides opportunities to study a second foreign language.

Our Mission is to educate moral, productive and healthy people who can change the world for the better.

By 2025, ONE! International Educational Group is planning  to open 3 more new school campuses, and by 2032 to graduate 10,000 schoolchildren and ensure the admission of 3,000 of its graduates to the world's leading universities as well as to employ 2,000 graduates to work in the best technology companies in Europe.

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