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ONE! International School – a network of premium international schools and kindergartens around the world

ONE! schools are focused on students’ preparation for the world’s top-100 universities or direct employment in leading IT companies. The ONE! education technology is based on its own educational standard, which was developed by a team of international authors.

The company's experts, in collaboration with international educational consultants, have crafted cutting-edge educational standards. These standards are structured around the methodologies of the esteemed Finnish education model, ensuring an in-depth engagement with entrepreneurial culture and practices. Additionally, they are fully aligned with the Russian Federal State Educational Standard for schools and kindergartens.

Our innovative educational approach not only imparts foundational knowledge to students but also fosters essential universal competencies vital for the contemporary world. These include curiosity, critical and creative thinking, self-organisation, effective communication, and more. Competency-building activities are seamlessly woven into all subject areas.

4 Kindergartens

3 Private Schools

2 Research and Development Center

Summer Camps

Teacher Training Center

Quality Assurance of Educational Services

ONE! International Education Group is actively engaged in establishing a quality management system for its service offerings. By integrating best global practices and contemporary innovative methodologies, we aim to lay a solid foundation that will lead to the acquisition of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification.

Our Mission is to educate people who can change the world for the better.

By 2025, ONE! International Educational Group is planning  to open 3 more new school campuses, and by 2032 to graduate 10,000 schoolchildren and ensure the admission of 3,000 of its graduates to the world's leading universities as well as to employ 2,000 graduates to work in the best technology companies in Europe.

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