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We learn English with native speakers

We develop children according to the International Montessori program and methodology

We accept children from 1.5 years old

We prepare for the best international schools

We develop universal competencies

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Unique Educational Program

Our kindergarten offers a dynamic bilingual curriculum, allowing students to develop proficiency in both their native language and English. We embrace innovative educational approaches, including the Montessori methods, to provide an engaging learning experience.

Advanced Level of Learning English

English is included in the kindergarten program for children who has recently turned 1.5 years old. The teaching staff is represented by highly qualified teachers, including native speakers (in International groups). The program is based on UK and Australian standards.

Admission Preparation

Crafted with the discerning standards of esteemed international schools in mind, our program seamlessly integrates the finest aspects of the Montessori approach with immersive foreign language instruction preparing students for the best schools.

Universal Competencies

Activities for soft skills development are organically built into the educational program & Professional methodologists ONE! has developed a special collection of exercises for each age category of children.

Entrepreneurship Program: Pilot Project

A pilot project has been launched in several kindergartens of the network to develop entrepreneurial thinking amongst children. ONE! education has been the first in the world to launch an entrepreneurship course in kindergartens. The course is organically integrated into the educational process and has already shown its effectiveness.

Education Groups

Billingual group

For children 1.5-6 years old The main part of the development program is given in Russian. English is studied as part of daily classes with a qualified teacher. By the time of graduation, children can express thoughts in English, speak on many everyday topics, and play. They have a high vocabulary and complement their speech with adjectives, they can write and read words and expressions.

International group

We apply the best international educational practices based on research activities with a higher language load. Children receive theoretical knowledge about the world, supplementing them with practice through experiments. The key goal is to ensure the harmonious development of child along with a high level of English proficiency.

Individual Development Roadmap

Small group learning

Our core training sessions are meticulously conducted in small groups, ensuring that each student receives the attention necessary to thrive. This philosophy is exemplified in our Montessori classes, where the focus on individualised learning experiences allows for optimal educational outcomes.

Individual diagnostic cards

We meticulously track each student's journey through specialised diagnostic profiles. These comprehensive records capture the essence of a child's development, highlighting their psychophysical attributes, personality traits, cognitive advancements, and academic achievements.

Personal educational direction

The result of regular development monitoring and its recording in diagnostic charts is the foundation for an individual educational route. ONE! teachers know which areas the child needs to develop, and pay more attention to this in the educational process.

Development dialogues with parents

Parents at ONE! engage with our teachers and early childhood specialists in three comprehensive consultations per year. During these sessions, they receive a detailed analysis of their child's progress across every developmental milestone. We not only inform parents about the success of their children and tell them what we will work on, but we provide with a detailed recommendations on how to consolidate the results at home.

Development according to the Montessori Education System

ONE! uses the most effective elements of the Montessori methodology in the educational program of kindergartens. Classes are held in a specially equipped Montessori class at an individual pace, comfortable for the child. A qualified teacher deals with each child, passing through 5 zones of harmonious development:

We work with various textures of objects, develop motor skills, train attention.

We study the colors, shape, size of objects.

We expand our understanding of the world around us.

We study letters and sounds, stresses and syllables, the basics of spelling.

We study numbers, learn to count, develop logic and abstract thinking.

Development of 12 Universal Competencies of the ONE! Standard

Mastering universal competencies provide students with the ability to solve various problems in various life situations. At ONE! we believe that the process of development must begin from early childhood. These are competencies such as communication, critical and creative thinking, curiosity, initiative, cooperation, perseverance, solving problems and tasks, the ability to learn, self-organization, cooperation and social position. Activities for their development are organically integrated into the educational program. For this, professional methodologists ONE! developed a special collection of exercises for each age category of children. In addition to the main program at ONE! the most interesting projects aimed at the development of universal competencies take place throughout the whole academic year. Each topic of such a project has age gradations, developing the qualities of children in accordance with their age. Examples of such projects:

We develop communication and self-presentation skills, oratory skills, speech.

We develop logical thinking, analytical skills and mathematical skills.

We instill environmental education, raising awareness of the global problems of mankind and our role in this.

We study modern technologies and ways to improve people's lives, get acquainted with the life of a big city.

We form the right attitude to our health with the help of sports, proper nutrition and psychological comfort.

We instill love and respect for our own culture and explore the diversity of other cultures.

Our Mission is to educate moral, productive and healthy people who can change the world for the better.

By 2025, ONE! International Educational Group is planning  to open 3 more new school campuses, and by 2032 to graduate 10,000 schoolchildren and ensure the admission of 3,000 of its graduates to the world's leading universities as well as to employ 2,000 graduates to work in the best technology companies in Europe.

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